Project status: Planning Approved

Location: Cornwall

Client: Private 

Barn Park is a new two storey dwelling situated on a vacant site located between two existing properties. Due to the nature of the site, the proposal provided a logical infill development that continued the existing streetscape and tied the surrounding context together.

Though the site is underused shrub land, it is still within a sensitive location. When the client approached MTA, the site had already faced a previous planning refusal. This meant the proposal had to provide a considered design response that reflected the local character of the area, which contributed to the achievement of the successful planning application.

The buildings within the area share a typical language of gable ended pitched roofs and a material palette of white render, stone and slate. This combination of design elements were taken and worked carefully into the design to allow the traditional materials to be expressed in a contemporary way that relates strongly with the existing streetscape. 

The proposed design is split over two-levels with a mezzanine level that maximises the roof space. The layout is reverse living, with the bedrooms on the ground floor and the living above to maximise views and connection with the more intimate mezzanine space. 

The arrangement of the open plan spaces allow the light to enter from the South while focusing their orientation to the uninterrupted countryside views to the North, creating a variety of interconnected spaces that change throughout the day.