Project status:  Planning Application

Location: Cornwall

Client: Private Developer

A striking development of two new contemporary waterside dwellings.  

Seaspray has a floor area of 276 sqm and Back Cottage is its smaller adjoining neighbour with a floor area of 101 sqm.

Situated on a steeply sloped site with dramatic views across to the coast and heathland opposite the design drivers were clear from the start.  The local area is becoming an exciting collection of contemporary dwellings and the focus was to continue this trend and push the architectural merits of the area further with these new houses.

The dynamic form and double winged roof suggestively opens up towards the sea, thus allowing the internal space to take full advantage of the views. Clean detailing and a stepped facade gives a complexity and depth to the building whilst the material palette is reflective of the local area by combining both the traditional and the contemporary.