Project status: Planning Approved

Location: Cornwall

Client: Private 

Set within a changing local context of the new and traditional, Trelorna creates a strong contemporary design that references its predecessors while maintaining its own identity.

A delicate timber clad form, housing the first floor, sits lightly on a foundation of white render and stone. The angles of the timber, while referencing the pitched roof of the surrounding context, open up the building at higher level to maximise sunlight from the south, which was a key design driver for the client.

The supporting base of white render and stone provide a grounding element to the timber form and is rooted within the traditional material palette of the area. In certain areas, the lower mass is cut back to allow access and invitation and to create a playful interaction between the building and the site. Where cut back, painted timber cladding is revealed which highlights the points of entry and openings within the ground floor.

Above the main entry, the second floor steps back to reveal a single storey frontage to the southern orientation that borders the road. This element is capped by a wildflower green roof that softens public views of the site from the road and the properties beyond. The entry sits at a level between the ground and first floor causing the design to split and follow the topography of the site. An open staircase within the entry level ties the ground and first floor together, creating an internal layout that flows between the levels, opening the building to the daylight and seaward views beyond.